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Having hope

Providing hope for parents whose children have cancer

How to Deal With Grief in Front of Your Children When Your Partner Died From Cancer

Even though you may have known your partner was going to die, nothing can prepare you for the grief you feel when it happens. It can feel overwhelming at times. On top of that, you may be trying to hide your grief from your children or worried about how...

Finding other kids in the same boat

Hi all. My husband has cancer and has only months or (fingers crossed) years to live. My 10 year old daughter would love to get in touch with one or two other kids (probably girls) in a similar situation to her but she is a bit young to...

Resources for you and your family

Hi everyone,

We've heard from a few parents that resources are really important to you and how you care for your kids and family.

In addition to resources here on Canteen Connect for Parents, we've created booklets to help you and your family navigate...

Muscles Deconditioned

My 13 year old son is receiving treatment for brain cancer & his muscles have badly deconditioned. I was just wondering other families experience with this? How long did it take for muscles to gain their strength after treatment? Radiation has also his...

Tell us what you think about Canteen Connect for Parents

Hi everyone 😊

Thank you for being a part of the Canteen Connect for Parents community.

Finding out what parents think about our platform is really important to Canteen. It helps us make sure we’re offering the right types of support.

We’re doing a...

Learning difficulties and tiredness after cancer treatment

Hi Everyone, our son had treatment for ALL aged 4 - 8 and thankfully has had no relapse. He is now 15. Although he is healthy, he has had a lot of difficulty with learning due to Executive Functioning and Processing Speed troubles. Additionally, he is...

Second opinion

Hi there, my daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. It has metastasised to her lungs, shoulders and back. The oncologist at Peter Mac told us that they can only shrink the tumours with chemo (she just had her 2nd round). Was wondering if you...

Video: Tips for parenting through illness and COVID-19

Hi everyone,

Parenting is tough enough without adding cancer to the mix. Then, there's the challenge of COVID-19.

Shae and Sally made this video of tips to help you and your family through this time.

Watch the video on YouTube here: you have a tip the...


My husband passed away just over 3 weeks ago. I have two daughters and I would like to connect with other people in the local area who have also lost their partner

Coping with stress

Grasping the enormity of it

Favourite quotes?

I help moderate our youth Canteen Connect community and I am constantly inspired by the beautiful quotes they share every week.

I wanted to share a new one: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain."


When the path shortens and the journey is close to its end

Palliative Care and preparing for good bye


So hard seeing him cry and fearful

5 Tips for supporting your family through a cancer diagnosis

Hi everyone ☺️

Sandy Cham, our General Manager of Services created this blog and video together with Cancer Council.

She shares advice on how to talk to your kids, managing your kids' stress or anxiety, how to deal with the uncertainty of COVID-19 and...

Covid is not the only germ I’m fighting

When my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer 6 months ago, I went into germ lock down. Cleaning the house, asking all family to update vaccinations, “you want to visit? You will wash your hands!!” Then I thought it was pretty good of the whole...

How to connect with sons with ex-husband's terminal diagnosis

Two sons, 17 & 15 y.o. who reside with their father. I was only advised yesterday my ex-husband has terminal cancer, however he told our sons 2 weeks ago. There is very poor communication between us, however I am hoping we will connect over the next of...

Parenting Through Cancer: Virtual Drop in Group

Hey Canteen Connect Parent community!

We will be hosting a virtual drop-in support group through Zoom about all things parenting through cancer in the modern world. You will be able to access the group via a computer, tablet or smart phone.

This group...

People not understanding

I've touched on this before, my daughter and I are living away from home as she gets leukaemia treatment in Townsville. Both her and I talk to social workers a lot but I feel that they don't really understand how a 20 year old feels especially when she...