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My husband passed away just over 3 weeks ago. I have two daughters and I would like to connect with other people in the local area who have also lost their partner

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Moving through it

My wife died at home, some 27 months ago. Although on the surface we're "amazing" (my 2 daughters 20, 16 and I), on reality we're all sad, lonely and (dare I say it) depressed... and it still sucks. It doesn't really get any easier, you just...

??? Family Trivia Event ???

Wednesday 28th May @ 7pm (EST) Canteen will be hosting a family trivia night on zoom. Message tas.programs@canteen.org.au for more details !!!

You cant remember!

It's amazing how many times i have gone to a Dr's appointment with my husband and the Dr asks a question, he cant remember (chemo brain) and as my brain is in overload, i don't either, so i look through the phone and can answer everything....because i in...

When the path shortens and the journey is close to its end

Palliative Care and preparing for good bye

Supporting young people through end of school exams

Hi all, With the end of school exams (called the HSC here in NSW) and trial exams coming up, what kind of tips and strategies do you use to help your child get through when dealing with the added stress of cancer?

We don't "move on" from grief

Here's a TEDtalk on grief that may be of interest: In a talk that's by turns heartbreaking and hilarious, writer and podcaster Nora McInerny shares her hard-earned wisdom about life and death. Her candid approach to something that will, let's face it, us...

Moving Forward WITH Grief

Hi All, My name is Nogol. I am one of the Canteen Psychosocial Support Workers in South Australia. I came across this TEDtalk, in which Nora McInerny beautifully shares her experience with grief following her husband's death from brain cancer.

Grief to...

How to Deal With Grief in Front of Your Children When Your Partner Died From Cancer

Even though you may have known your partner was going to die, nothing can prepare you for the grief you feel when it happens. It can feel overwhelming at times. On top of that, you may be trying to hide your grief from your children or worried about how...


Hi everyone,

We want to give you an update on how Canteen is managing coronavirus (COVID-19) as we’re having to make some changes to the way we provide support in the next few months.

You may be aware that cancer treatment can weaken the body’s immune...

Mother's Day

Hey there Canteen Parent community. We just wanted to firstly acknowledge all of the incredible mum’s out there coming up to the weekend. We know all you do and want to say THANK YOU! We know that during COVID your mum duties have gotten even bigger than...

Going through hell and just keep on going..

My middle boy survived Hodgkin lymphoma only for my wife to lose her battle to breast cancer in March.On the surface i am smiling being strong and getting on with looking after my three kids aged 14 12 and a little girl aged 7. The kids have got me...

We'd love to hear from you

Hi everyone! ☺️ My name is Fran. I recently joined Canteen as the Online Community Coordinator. I'm responsible for helping you get the most out of Canteen Connect.

Since I'm new, I'd really love to hear from you.

What do you want to see more of? you...

Delicious Food Stories

Hey all!

We had a really lovely Parenting Through Cancer Virtual Drop-in yesterday. So much insider knowledge was shared about how folks are getting through such strange times.

We finished the group with sharing our very own Delicious Food Stories We...

Parenting Through Cancer Virtual Drop-in Group

Hey Canteen Connect Parent community!

We will be hosting a virtual drop-in support group through Zoom about all things parenting through cancer during the current crisis. You will be able to access the group via a computer, tablet or smart phone. group...

Being strong for my daughter

Any other parents have a child/ young adult who has been diagnosed with a sarcoma?

Dealing With the Fear of Recurrence When Your Child Survived Cancer

It is very common for parents of a child who has had cancer to be afraid of cancer coming back (recurrence). Of course it’s also normal for your child and other members of the family to share the same fear. Here are some tips on how to cope with...

Dumb arse things people say

Upfront I'd like to acknowledge that I'm sure people just want to connect and I'm positive that the majority of people are coming from a place of love and support, and they don't want to hurt with the things they say. Nonetheless I've been hit with some...

Conversation with my teen

Just wondering how many of you with teenage children had lengthy discussions with your child during treatment. My son and I hardly spoke at all. I still felt very close to him but unlike in the movies there were no deep and meaningfuls. Is this common?