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Queens Birthday Public Holiday Closure

Hey everybody!

We just wanted to let you know that the counselling space will be CLOSED for the Monday 14th June Public Holiday. We hope you all have a restful day, whatever you may be doing.

Here are some other services if you would like to speak a...

Muscles Deconditioned

My 13 year old son is receiving treatment for brain cancer & his muscles have badly deconditioned. I was just wondering other families experience with this? How long did it take for muscles to gain their strength after treatment? Radiation has also his...

Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the CanTeen Connect Parent Forums. Tell us about yourself. :)

Family Dynamics & Cancer

Here is a great podcast about how cancer can affect family dynamics.

"We often don’t think about the impact that a diagnosis has on a family but it’s actually crucial in those early days for families to begin to look at how they can change the way they...

Support from Others, Values and Self Care

Support from Others, Values and Self Care

3 June 2021 6-7pm

Canteen will be hosting a one hour workshop all about Support from Others, Values and Self Care.

Key Points covered:

Values and Parenting Support Options available from Others including and...

Caring for a young person with cancer?

Your experience can help us decide our future research focus and help other families.

Take the UTS Cancer Symptom Trials survey on the most troubling #symptoms for children & young people with cancer: https://bit.ly/3bGApa4

Mother's Day: sending gratitude, and making room for grief.

Hey amazing Parent Connect Community, Mother's Day is coming up this weekend... and for many people it's a great time to celebrate how mothers, and important maternal and parental figures, have impacted our lives. Including (but not limited to!)... Mums,...

Being strong for my daughter

Any other parents have a child/ young adult who has been diagnosed with a sarcoma?

Research Participation Opportunity

Rare Cancer Australia and Canteen have commissioned HTAnalysts to determine the broader impacts of cancer on families, communities, and society. This research focuses specifically on late-stage or aggressive cancer diagnoses that may be terminal. To the...

Anzac Day Closure

Hello amazing connect Parents and Carers,

Just a note to let you know the counselling service will be closed this Sunday 25th of April. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and remember.

If you need support during this time, you can reach out...

Remission and fear of reoccurrence

My son has been in remission for 9 months (Hodgkin Lymphoma), on surveillance and is doing well - he still feels anxious every time he has his bloods done, fearful of a reoccurrence. I worry about late effects and secondaries. Does the worry subside...

Dumb arse things people say

Upfront I'd like to acknowledge that I'm sure people just want to connect and I'm positive that the majority of people are coming from a place of love and support, and they don't want to hurt with the things they say. Nonetheless I've been hit with some...

Cancer's lost generation

A lot of the work our Research team do is based on better understanding what it’s like to be a young person with cancer, including the sometimes elusive idea of friendship and connection. How do we measure that? What value do we get from it? And how do...

Moving through it

My wife died at home, some 27 months ago. Although on the surface we're "amazing" (my 2 daughters 20, 16 and I), on reality we're all sad, lonely and (dare I say it) depressed... and it still sucks. It doesn't really get any easier, you just...

Easter Long Weekend Closure

The Connect Team will be taking a break over the Easter long weekend from Friday 2nd April, we will return on Tuesday 6th April 2021 from 10am. If you need immediate emergency assistance contact emergency services on 000 in Australia or 111 in New you...

when easter feels tough to get through: let's talk about that

Hi amazing Parent Connect community,

So... the Easter long weekend is coming up. For some people here, that might have a particular meaning for you or your family, due to your faith or traditions;

for others it's linked to holidays, and being with and...

A young person with cancer interviewed their mum about her experience

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all taking care no matter where you are 💚

Adam is a Canteener who has been sharing his cancer journey on YouTube and Canteen Connect for Young People.

"Really concerned. Just, you're in autopilot basically. We were just on to...

An Open Letter to Parents Who Have Lost a Child

I'm a mum who has lost a child to cancer. I have found that writing down my thoughts/feelings has helped me immensely and I came across this article that 'spoke' to me - it's written by a mum about the death of her son - she truly understands how we...

Covid is not the only germ I’m fighting

When my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer 6 months ago, I went into germ lock down. Cleaning the house, asking all family to update vaccinations, “you want to visit? You will wash your hands!!” Then I thought it was pretty good of the whole...

Getting on with things after AML/BMT currently in remission

I find it difficult some days just get on with things I worried about every bit of pain and whether the AML is back or not