Family communication and mobile technology

When we're talking to parents about how to best communicate to their kids, we here at the CanTeen Connect team often talk about one main topic of frustration - mobiles! And importantly, encouraging young people to look up from their screens for long enough to make eye contact :)

While in counselling we tend to focus on how to communicate around constant mobile use, it's really true that this technology makes help-seeking an easier prospect for young people. (It's not uncommon for young adults to text their Canteen counsellor, for instance, and web-chatting to a counsellor is an increasingly popular option for all ages.) We sometimes suggest to parents that making sure mobile phones are quarantined during dedicated family discussion time can help facilitate connection, or that devices are at least turned screen-down for the duration of family meals.

We'd love to hear if your family has tried any techniques - successfully or not! - that others might find useful. This link from Raising Children also has a few tips - do you think any might work for your family?