Food For Thought....

From kimchi to sauerkraut, paleo to vegan, plant based to full fat… So many confusing messages from around the place about what to eat, what our kids should eat and the impact on us all. And that’s not even considering the messages we get about food with cancer in the mix! But how to do it in a way that works for our families that’s sustainable, affordable, easy to prepare and food the kids will (actually) want to eat??

What are people doing? Is there anything that’s working for your family? Is this something that’s important to you?? Has cancer changed the way you view this stuff? Or perhaps not something on your radar? Would love you to post and tell us about feelings related to this very visible topic.

Below is an article to tickle your thoughts on the subject by Amy Flemming at The Guardian:

Sally, CanTeen Connect Counsellor :)