Grief, change & loss through the holidays

Hi Parent Community, I’m Jerushah one of the CanTeen Counsellors. A topic of discussion as we head towards the end of 2019, how do you cope during the holidays? The holidays can be a lovely season of joy, family & friends, special gifts and delicious food!

BUT it can also be a really difficult season. Perhaps old traditions have had to change, or it’s the first year since diagnosis, or you’re spending it in hospital. Cancer doesn’t take a holiday… and so trying to find a way to adapt to the ‘new normal’ over the holidays can take a lot of energy. If that’s you, be sure you lean-in to your support networks asking for help or some company can make hard moments a little more bearable.

For some of our community here, it’s also a time where there might be bittersweet reminders of those who aren’t there with you. Finding a way to remember and honour your loved ones who have died can be a way to connect with them, and in a way continue your relationship with them. Perhaps sharing their favourite meal, swapping memories at the dinner table or even something as simple as lighting a candle. So I put it to you – how do you get through the holiday season?

For some ideas from our friends in America (and a bit of a laugh) check out this guide –

Most importantly – be kind to yourself through it all.