How is everyone going at the moment?

I just wanted open up this chat to see how everyone is going at the moment.

I know our emotions fluctuate a lot. The roll-a-coaster of cancer!

Recently I had a 3 days respite from my husband. We were at the point where we had nothing to talk about except cancer and kids and conversations really were not happening and I thought time away doing our seperate things would give us something to talk about and help us reconnect.

Well it did but when he got home I was so resentful and cranky! I had enjoyed the peace and not having to constantly check in and monitor what he was doing (spent a day on the couch in my PJs watching TV) I am just so tired - mentally, physically and emotionally. I get no help from family as we live 7hrs from the closest lot. (Side note: they don’t even visit and he’s terminal - I really don’t get it and it makes me cranky)

It took me a few days to get my cranky pants out of me (counsellor helped) and get over that this is how our life is and I just have to deal with it.

So planning our next adventure to lightening ridge in October so we all have something to talk about together and we can cherish those memories.

So what’s happening in your life - give us the good, bad and the ugly and we can support each other.