Teens not coping

How do you help your child when they dont want help? My son has bad anxiety he knows he needs help but will not help me to help him. Im so frustrated at it all as i want to help him but i also need another few ops my cancer may already be back so its been really hard.

Ive tried getting him to see gp amd he has done that but refuses to see amyone else. We are at week 3 of no school because he refuses to go. He is alot stronger than me so i try my best but im gonna hurt myself if i keep trying to drag him to school.

This journey so far has been so hard on my kids but him more so my now ex partner left just a few months before i was diagnosed. I spent lots of time in and out of hospital with the kids staying with friends surgery was really hard on them. He is so worried im going to die but im fighting hard.

He will be 14 in just over a week amd has really had to step up he had to care for me as well as run the house friends kind of disappeared.

I hate seeing him like this but i really dont know what to do any more