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5 Tips for supporting your family through a cancer diagnosis

Hi everyone ☺️

Sandy Cham, our General Manager of Services created this blog and video together with Cancer Council.

She shares advice on how to talk to your kids, managing your kids' stress or anxiety, how to deal with the uncertainty of COVID-19 and...

How to connect with sons with ex-husband's terminal diagnosis

Two sons, 17 & 15 y.o. who reside with their father. I was only advised yesterday my ex-husband has terminal cancer, however he told our sons 2 weeks ago. There is very poor communication between us, however I am hoping we will connect over the next of...

People not understanding

I've touched on this before, my daughter and I are living away from home as she gets leukaemia treatment in Townsville. Both her and I talk to social workers a lot but I feel that they don't really understand how a 20 year old feels especially when she...

Maintaining normality with a ten year old and an 18 year back from interstate due to COVID-19

Strategies to encourage communication with the 18 year old male and the tween who is ten on the verge of puberty

Supporting young people through end of school exams

Hi all, With the end of school exams (called the HSC here in NSW) and trial exams coming up, what kind of tips and strategies do you use to help your child get through when dealing with the added stress of cancer?

Being strong for my daughter

Any other parents have a child/ young adult who has been diagnosed with a sarcoma?

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

Hi Canteen parent community. I wanted to share this article with you: How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus.... Some really helpful and practical ideas here. I wonder though, would some of you modify the approach with cancer in the to hear from you. :) ...

How School Can Help Your Child When They Have Cancer

It’s important to let your child’s school know about their cancer diagnosis and treatment. School staff can support your child (and any siblings at the same school), and make special arrangements with their assessments at this challenging time. Once the...

Share your triumphs: what went well/right/or at least better than expected :)

Hi all, I'm Cara, one of the counsellors here... I'm new to this online space, but have been at CanTeen for about 3 and a half years, running camps and events for young people and families. It's been such an honour to read your stories - Fairywren's blog...

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Introducing my daughter and myself

Teens not coping

How do you help your child when they dont want help? My son has bad anxiety he knows he needs help but will not help me to help him. Im so frustrated at it all as i want to help him but i also need another few ops my cancer...

For young adults aged18-20

Not being enough support for this age group

How to Explain What Cancer is to Your Child When Your Partner Has It

How you explain what cancer is and the type of information you give your child will depend on their age, how much they can understand and what they want to know. Here are some tips:

How to Explain What Cancer is to Your Child When Your Partner Has this...

Cooking for kids during and after cancer treatment

I found this really great article about cooking for kids who are currently undergoing or have gone through cancer treatment and thought I would share.

"Cooking for kids undergoing cancer treatment poses its own unique set of challenges. These kids will...