by Coastal
Keeping it Real name is Patrick. Rachael was my best friend and I miss her madly. Our children miss her too. Rachael was diagnosed with endometrial cancer April 9 2018. In the early hours of July 16 2018, Rachael slipped away from us.we spent the night her...

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by Rhirhi
Teenage Boy

Hi all,I am here, to look for help. I’m actually lost my mum to cancer 2 1/2 years ago but am 29yrs old, so too old for the kids community. However my siblings were 14 and 21 when my mum passed. My younger brother is the person I’m here for,...

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by CanTeen
'Just a Dad' - a widower shares his experience

Widower Chris Martin began his 'Just a Dad' blog after losing wife but in an interview with ABC Radio he discusses how sharing grief became an inspirationAs Chris explains, he started the blog to help him cope with the tumultuous time after his wife's in...

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